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The neogem brand is a range of high performance aggregate solutions by CEMEX. Unlocking the advanced technology hidden in regular mineral materials, neogem can offer innovative aggregate solutions to meet specific customer needs.

neogem can offer high performance aggregates for a variety of purposes - from sport and landscaping projects all the way through to environmental, industrial and agricultural applications.

Check out the different business sectors below and how neogem can support each area with it's excellent range of high-end aggregates and materials.


We provide natural solutions that aim to reduce the impact of challenges posed by environmental factors. From Gabion Baskets to Rock Armour and SudsFlow permeable aggregates - we can offer an excellent range of products.

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We have the capability to enhance raw materials to offer high quality products for production processes where minerals are a key component. From our excellent quality heat conductive ThermoSand to Rail Stone and Mag Stone - we can offer a range of industry standard aggregates to support your processes.

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We can enable good stability, drainage and consistency in sports ground surfaces, which we understand is vital for athelete’s optimal performance, safety and comfort. Whether you need silt and dirt free sports sand for your golf bunkers or a subbase to keep your football pitch well drained - we have a number of options available to support your sport installations.

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We enrich the first stages of the food production process, by providing key ingredients that will ultimately improve the quality of agricultural products. From reducing soil acidity with our fantastic Neutra-Agg limestone to keeping your livestock comfortable at night with our inorganic cattle-bedding, we have a range of aggregates to support your agricultural needs.

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We bring together the best of what nature has to offer to stimulate ideas incorporating our decorative solutions. Whether you're looking to bring your garden to life with decorative paths and attractive water features or simply need to put together an easy-to-install driveway - we have a number of aggregates to support your needs.

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