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We can enable good stability, drainage and consistency in sports ground surfaces, which we understand is vital for athelete’s optimal performance, safety and comfort.

Specialist sports sands and aggregate materials for the best possible performance.

Sports Sand The highest quality sand for the best possible pitch.

High quality sports sand - tested & approved by the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) & conforms to USGA standards. Perfect for improving & enhancing the drainage of football & rugby turf, golf courses, bowling greens & more.

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Sports Sub-base Ultimate drainage layer for all sports applications

Fantastic quality - specialist material sourced and designed to enhance the end performance requirements of your sport applications. Our Sports Sub-base meets construction, structural and drainage requirements for all sports applications.

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Sports Gravel Specialist sports gravel to aid construction & drainage

High quality sports gravel to help manage drainage for football, rugby, polo, golf & artificial pitches. Tested & approved by the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI), conforming to USGA requirements for use as a drainage carpet layer.

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SudsFlow Permeable drainage solution for sport applications

SudsFlow is a permeable drainage solution carefully graded to allow the movement of water, providing the optimal solution as part of a water management system. Ideal for a variety of sport surfaces that will retain a consistent look in any weather.

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Flex Soil

Flexsoil is the ultimate turf layer for all sports applications - the World's first 100% all natural and biodegradable hybrid offers higher force absorption, durability and 9 times higher elasticity - making it ideal for a range of sports pitches.

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