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We enrich the first stages of the food production process, by providing key ingredients that will ultimately improve the quality of agricultural products.

From fertiliser aggregates to neutralise the pH of your soil to cattle bedding to keep your livestock comfortable and manufactured to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Fertiliser Stone Mixes with your fertiliser easily to allow for easy spreading

Our specialist blend of fertiliser stone is a natural, inert limestone bulking agent, mixed into nitrogen-based (NPK) fertiliser to improve it's spreading characteristics. Specialist limestone-based aggregate to optimise & enhance your crops.

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Cattle Bedding Specialist bedding - keep your livestock comfortable & healthy

Our high quality blend of sand-based cattle bedding not only provides a comfortable surface for your livestock but also prevents the spread of pathogens and provides good traction to prevent slips and falls.

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Neutra-Agg Perfect for keeping the soil PH neutral.

Beat soil acidity with our specialist agricultural limestone. Neutra-Agg is perfect for reducing soil acidity, balancing out the PH levels & growing healthy crops. Neutra-Agg will effectively restore calcium levels and increase pH to the optimum level.

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