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We provide natural, recycled, environmentally-friendly solutions that aim to reduce the impact of challenges posed by environmental factors.

Whether you need rip-rock to protect coastlines or gabion stone for riverbank protection or retaining rock walls - we have you covered.

Gabion Stone Gabion Basket Aggregate

High quality aggregates for gabion baskets for use in environmental & landscaping projects, including ground stabilisation, retaining walls & riverbank protection. Gabion stones have a naturally aesthetic appeal that suits many projects.

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Rock Armour Rock Armour or Rip-Rap for environmental protection

Rock armour protects coastlines & structures from erosion by the sea, rivers, or streams. Large boulders interlock together to form rock revetments are used to control erosion by armouring the beach face and dissipating wave energy.

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SudsFlow An eco-friendly drainage solution

SudsFlow is a permeable drainage aggregate solution carefully graded to allow the movement of water, providing the optimal solution as part of a water management system. Ideal for central reservations, pathways and sport surfaces.

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About neogem

The neogem brand is a range of high performance aggregate solutions by CEMEX. Unlocking the advanced technology hidden in regular mineral materials, neogem can offer innovative aggregate solutions to meet specific customer needs.

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