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Environmental Aggregates

What is Rock Armour?

Rock armour, also commonly known as rip-rap, rubble and shot-rock is a form of natural, environmentally-friendly coastal defence. Ideal for shorelines, pilings, bridge abutments (reinforcement) and river bank protection. It blends naturally with the environment and is a more eco-friendly, durable material than a sea-wall.

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What is SuDSFlow?

SuDSFlow (SuDS stands for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) helps to make paving permeable - i.e. prevents flooding and aids drainage for applications such as car parks, driveways, pavements, pathways and even sport applications. It can be used with various types of modular paving units and is simple to install.

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What is Gabion Stone and Gabion Baskets?

A Gabion is a form of cage that is filled with stones or rocks (hence gabion stone). They can be used in both environmental and landscaping projects - making them very versatile. However, commonly they tend to be used for things like ground stabilisation, riverbank protection or as retaining walls (i.e. military installations). Alternatively they can be used to build decorative walls and structures for more domestic uses such as gardens and in private and public parks.

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Industrial Aggregates

What is Thermal Sand?

Thermal Sand (ThermoSand) is an industry-standard sand that is commonly use as a backfill that packs in around underground cable installations. ThermoSand has high thermal conductivity - meaning that it conducts heat away from the underground cables at very high levels. This helps to keep the cables cool (prevents overheating) and working at optimum efficiency.

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Sport Aggregates

What is Sports Sand?

Sports sand (otherwise known as silica sand) has several uses and benefits but is primarily used for applications such as golfing bunkers and turf surface dressing for sport pitches (i.e. football, rugby, etc) to improve drainage and the conditioning of your turf (known as amelioration).

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What is Sports Sub-Base?

A Sports Sub-Base is used as a drainage layer for sport applications and can be used in various types of pitches and turfs, including; athletics tracks, football & rugby pitches and golf courses. A sports sub-base can aid with surface water drainage and the general condition of the turf or sports surface.

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What is Sports Gravel?

Sports gravel is a sub-layer that can be applied to all sorts of sport applications to help with drainage and prevent flooding. This easy to install gravel is commonly used for artificial pitches (i.e. astroturf) but can also be used for golf putting greens, rugby and football pitches where required.

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Agricultural Aggregates

What is Fertiliser Stone?

Fertiliser stone is a naturally sourced limestone bulking agent that can be mixed with any nitrogen-based fertiliser to help improve the way it spreads when being applied to a field of crops. This can significantly improve the quality (and quantity) of the crop yield as it ensures fertiliser spreading is more even when applied.

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What is Cattle Bedding?

Cattle bedding is simply bedding for your livestock to ensure the animals are comfortable whilst resting. However, the cattle bedding neogem offers is a form of inorganic, sand-based bedding that helps to reduce the growth of bacteria, preventing the spread of pathogens. In addition it can reduce heat-stress is anti-slip and provides a soft, comfortable surface for your cattle to rest on.

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What is Neutra-Agg?

Neutra-Agg is a limestone-based soil neutrailsing agent that will help balance out the PH levels of the soil, ensuring healthy crop growth and thus improving the yield. It’s powdered form makes it easy to apply and will help to deliver excellent results by improving the effectiveness of your fertiliser.

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Decorative Aggregates

What is Cobblestone?

Cobblestone is a naturally-sourced, cobble-sized stone that can be used for various types of construction - both domestic and commercial. They can be used for paving streets, building houses & commercial offices, roads but are also commonly found in domestic landscapes - such as use in water features, garden paths and can be used as a decorative gabion.

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What are Decorative Aggregates?

Decorative aggregates are a range of colourful gravels, sands and pebbles that can be used in various domestic and commercial landscaping projects to help bring gardens, parks and public places to life. Typically they can be used to create garden paths, enhance water features and in general garden and park design.

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What is Path Gravel?

Path gravel is a traditional, self-binding path aggregate that can be used for driveways, car parks, public footpaths and various other projects - both domestic and commercial. Typically self-binding path gravel is very hard-wearing and is favoured for use for woodland paths, heritage sites and stately homes.

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Other Questions

Who or what is neogem?

The neogem brand is a range of high performance aggregate solutions by CEMEX, a multinational building materials business. To find out more please take a look at our About us page.

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