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A permeable drainage aggregate solution, SudsFlow is a carefully graded stone formed to allow the movement of water, providing the best solution as part of an effective water management system

SudsFlow can be used for a variety of purposes, including pavements, pathways, car parks, sport areas and more.

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Check out just some of the benefits of using neogem's premium quality SudsFlow for your drainage projects. To find out more we recommend giving our specialists a call or fill in a quote form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.


A permeable aggregate that will allow easy drainage

Cost Effective

Affordable, cost-effective cobble stone that will last

Reduces Flash Flooding Risk

Our SudsFlow solution naturally reduces the risk of flash flooding


A tough, durable drainage aggregate that will support your project

Improved Drainage

A naturally sourced aggregate that offers excellent drainage

Meets Requirements

SudsFlow meets the requirements of published design guidance

Easy Installation

An easy to install and maintain drainage aggregate

Multi Purpose

Can be used in several applications - pathways, drives, and more


Find out more about the applications of SudsFlow and how it can be tailored to your particular projects. It can act as a permeable base-layer for several projects, including:


An ideal flood-protection system for driveways

Car Parks

Prevent car park flooding with SudsFlow from neogem

SUDS Stipulation

A permeable paving solution for all types of applications


Prevent flooding on public and private pathways with SudsFlow


Drains excess water off public walkways such as pavements and paths

Central Reservations

Control water-flow with Sudsflow permeable drainage solutions

Sports Areas

Protect your sport applications by installing SudsFlow permeable drainage

Drainage Channels

Acts as an ideal drainage channel to allow for the easy flow of natural rain-fall


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